Making Sense of Language Arts

Tutoring photos by Harriet Kaufman
MSLA Manual
Teach children using motion, music, visuals, touch, and taste.  Learn tips and use tools to make progress.
MSLA Workbooks
​MSLA Workshop
See It/Say It Stories
MSLA Tutor's Bag
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Our Program
Our multi-sensory manual, workbooks and See It/Say It stories for visualization can be purchased for use with your students!  Training is available as well.
Each lesson includes an introduction to the sound, writing practice, find the objects, sensory activity, receptive and expressive reviews.
Invite us to train your tutors in our techniques, tips and tools. Understand why children struggle.
In a group children see four pictures telling a story.  They return to their tutors and recall the pictures and the story.  Visual memory builds comprehension.
Put together you own bags or let us do the work for you.  Rice, chalk, colored pencils, clay, sticky notes, cards, sand paper, finger paint, magnets and more.
We administer the Kaufman Survey of Early Academic and Language Skills to assess receptive and expressive ability.
Parent Training
We provide workshops for parents to learn multi-sensory techniques to teach their children language.  Materials are sent home with parents who participate. We share what's available in our city to take advantage of learning opportunities.